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Can you give me a Hand?

Remember Thing from the Addams Family? One character from my IOU game is Thing's niece, a computer wiz. Here's the racial template, based on the old series and the first movie:

Hand Racial Template (75 points)

ST 10, DX 10/13, IQ 10, HT 10/3, Speed 7




* Includes bonus for Mute.



Most of the acrobatic stuff is based on the film version; the teleport is because of the way Thing always used to appear from cigar boxes, etc in the old series.

Horizontal represents their inability to move and manipulate (or easily carry) objects at the same time; One Fine Manipulator and the Injury Tolerances should be obvious 8-). I didn't give them Inconvenient Size because, like cats, Thing seems very comfortable in the human world.

I set average Hit Points at 3, partly because that's approximately the amount of damage needed to cripple an average human's hand, partly because that was the level given to Enhanced Cats - and I see the Hands as quite like cats.

The Teleport limitation "only into hidden containers" assumes that not being able to see into them is not a problem - no skill penalty, no castling, no exploding as your atoms merge with the cigars in the box...

Sensitive Touch, Manual DX and the skills were just appropriate and/or to round up the point total to a nice number.

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