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Nallajim are large flightless birds with three clawed, spindly legs and two not-quite-atrophied wings. They make up for their lack of hands by pecking with their long, thin, flexible beaks; their heads can manœuvre extremely rapidly and accurately on an even more flexible neck. When provided with suitable instruments (and corrective lenses for their two tiny, long-sighted eyes) they are the fastest surgeons in Sector General.

The species evolved on a large, swiftly-spinning world; the dense atmosphere and low gravity in the fertile equatorial zone led to the rise of many avian species. The Nallajim developed social habits of using their beaks to dig out and eat the insects that burrowed into their flesh, and when a medical profession later developed the surgeons would take their "payment" by eating the pieces of flesh removed from the patient.

Hyperactive, impatient, impolite, inconsiderate, and subject to rapid mood changes, they are one of the more unpopular member races of the Federation. They ruffle their bright feathers when angry, twittering frequently. Their quarters and recreation areas are fitted with nestlike couches of downy softness. One of their favourite dishes is live strill millipedes in a cruulan pastry cage.

Nallajim Racial Template [39 points]


ST 9 [-10 points]; HT 10/9 [-5 points].



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