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O'Mara is a DBDG Earth-Human. He has above-average strength, and has the body of an athletic weightlifter. Because of this, instead of being placed in jobs where he could use his mind, he was relegated to heavy lifting and construction, which has given him extensive zero-g movement training. He helped in the initial construction of Sector General. Due to an accident that killed its parents, he baby-sat an orphaned Hudlar child for 6 weeks during the hospital's construction. He has been a part of the hospital since his early 20's. He lost both of his parents at 3, and the aunt he lived with gave him no support against what others were saying about what he should do with his life. He was always relegated to sports and athletics, based on his physique, although he preferred academic pursuits. He has large, blunt-fingered hands. His face and manner don't invite trust, and his features show no depth or subtlety of mind, even though those qualities are there. He has dull, metallic gray hair, cut short, and has iron-gray eyes.

He is the Head Of the Other-Species Psychology Department, and has been in charge of it for nearly 50 years. Although he has no medical training, he has a mind so keenly analytical that he has the near equivalent of a telepathic faculty. He is considered unpopular among the entire staff, but is inherently respected. His normal personality is very similar to a Kelgian's. He is rarely speechless, saying what he thinks. He doesn't work well in an atmosphere of insincere friendliness, doesn't take orders well, and he finds it difficult to give them without giving offense. He acts like a bully to manipulate the subject's psychology. His words and manner towards the patients and his colleagues are different. With an emotionally distressed person, he could be as gentle and sympathetic as necessary, but to a mentally healthy nonpatient, he acts like his normal, bad-tempered, and sarcastic self. He has no experience in supply procurement, and his rank of Major in the Monitor Corps was given to him for purely administrative purposes. He was the first volunteer for the Educator tape program at the hospital. He illegally impressed a Kelgian Educator tape onto himself, and never erased it. (Only the hospital's resident Cinrusskin knows this.) This explains part of his personality. Because of this long-term presence in his mind, he has the Kelgian ability to read the body language of others. He was the instigator of after-hours mixed-species contact, so that the varied species didn't just hang around with their own species. He also made arrangements in the schedules of two promising arrivals so that they would be forced to spend time together instead of being workaholics. Their names were Conway and Murchison. In order to help one of the staff that was having trouble with an Educator tape, he unintentionally created the Diagnostician position, in which multiple Educator tapes are impressed onto the mind of the recipient. He retired to Kelgia, living with the entity that had donated the Educator tape he still carried.


He is a male Earth-Human DBDG. He is O'Mara's right hand. He works well with the office staff and the routine, and is good with others, regardless of their species. He is sympathetic when necessary, and firm when the being isn't doing enough to solve their own problem. He never loses his temper. He is respectful to his superiors without being subservient to them, and he gently, but firmly resists any attempt at bullying him. He is intelligent, efficient, adaptable, dedicated, uncomplaining, and lacking in ambition beyond his own job. He has medical training, and would only need minor amount of training to become a ship's doctor. He enjoys Other-Species Psychology. His personality is well adjusted on the surface. He is a trusted, resourceful second-in-command who likes the power and advantages that his position confers, but is afraid of taking the ultimate responsibility of being in charge. He is also comfortable with the truth about himself. He joined the hospital staff 14 years after it was built. He has dark hair, and his metabolism is such that he can eat without weight gain being obvious. He was made hospital Administrator when O'Mara retired.


She is a female Earth-Human DBDG. She was initially a charge nurse after her trainee period was up. She led those on her team politely, firmly, with fairness, and from in front. She asked nothing of her nursing staff that she wasn't willing to do herself. She has an inherent ability to observe, analyze, synthesize, and diagnose from sparse data. This led to a transfer to the hospital's Pathology Department. She has great interest in original xenobiological research, and has experience in over 30 different alien species. When her boss retires, it is rumored that she is to be made the Chief Pathologist. She has a voluptuous figure, and still turns the heads of the Earth-Human staff members. She feels protective of Prilicla, the resident Cinrusskin, when it is in dangerous situations. In crisis situations, has been known to use profanity. Her hair has been long and blond to dark auburn and curly. She eventually married Doctor Peter Conway, and they are still together to this day.

Peter Conway

He is a male Earth-Human DBDG. He gets along well with other species, almost to the exclusion of his own. He worked his way up from Junior Physician to Diagnostician-In-Charge of Other-Species Surgery. His dark hair is starting to go gray at the temples. He is very innovative and intuitive when it comes to discovering cures for unknown maladies, and it is one of the reasons he moved up so quickly through the medical ranks. He has a mind for trivia, and is very good at synthesizing ideas from disparate sources.

His parents were 3rd generation colonists on the mineral-rich Earth colony of Braemar. They lived on the outskirts of the city spaceport. Wood was plentiful there, so many of the residential dwellings were log cabins. The colonists took pride in their handiwork, although there were modern amenities inside, such as microfusion generators and computers. His parents died unexpectedly when he was 8. He lived with his father's oldest brother after that. He found a kindred spirit in his great-grandmother. She was the first child born to the colony. She taught him basic veterinary knowledge, which may have been the impetus for his other-species preferences later. She helped him raise and breed local pets, which became popular around the neighborhood. He was there in the room with her just before she died. He dated Nurse Murchison for years, and eventually married her. They are still married to this day.


He was a male Earth-Human DBDG, and was one of the first instructors at Sector General. He had a dog with him for years, which eventually died of old age. He was a long-term carrier of Educator tapes for the Nallajim and Eurils, and specialized in low-gravity species. He was well loved by the staff, most of whom he trained. He also helped O'Mara establish the practice of inter-species interaction, by structuring his lectures in such a way that it became necessary for the members of the different species to study together in order to pass his exams. He stayed there until he died, shortly before O'Mara's retirement.



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