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A small but growing collection of items, probably only of interest to a tiny minority of the (already tiny) community of IF authors.

Inform Platypus, release 4

If you aren't already aware, Platypus is a replacement for the standard library used with Inform, written by Anson Turner. He is currently working on a new set of documentation, but it will not be ready for some time. With his permission I have converted the existing docs to HTML for ease of reference; hopefully this will prove useful in the meantime.

C++ Inform Syntax Colouring code for Windows, version 0.2

187K zipped. See the readme file for more information (a bit technical).

Alice: An Inform Tutorial, part 3

Incomplete, but with the imminent arrival of a new baby that's not likely to change for a while. This at least gives people a chance to look at the work in progress...

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