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This section provides several tables outlining some of the correspondences for the fifteen steps (and in some cases the Unknown). The tables are by no means complete.

Step ColourOccupationCulture
0. Unknown greypariahfate
1. Power burgundylabourerphysiology
2. Form tantrader/thiefsociology
3. Intellect limescientist/sorcerortechnology
4. Experience turquoisedoctorpsychology
5. Image indigocreative artistart
6. Enterprise scarletcrafterresources
7. Status goldpoliticianpolitics
8. Balance forestlawyerlaws
9. Emotion skysocial workervalues
A. Expression purpleperformersymbolism
B. Idealism tangerineprofessionalsubsistence pattern
C. Volition lemonwarriorwelfare
D. Humanism seateacherlanguage
E. Morality navyclericreligion
F. Synthesis magentagurucharacter
Step Body StructureBody AreaDisease
1. Power musclesshouldersmuscular dystrophy
2. Form sense organsfaceaphasias
3. Intellect brainskullpsychoses
4. Experience stomachbellydietary disorders
5. Image chestchestheart disease
6. Enterprise bonesthighscalcium deficiency
7. Status liverhandsallergies
8. Balance nervous systembacknervous disorders
9. Emotion reproductive organsgroinS.T.D.s
A. Expression bloodforearmshaemophilia, etc.
B. Idealism glandsupper armsbubonic
C. Volition kidneysfeetaddiction
D. Humanism lungsneckpneumonic
E. Morality intestineshipsneuroses
F. Synthesis bowelscalvescancer
Step LandscapePlantAnimal
0. Unknown spaceviruses
1. Power undergroundbacteriaprotozoans
2. Form woodlandconifersworms
3. Intellect plainyewscrustaceans
4. Experience shoremossessharks & rays
5. Image icy wasteherbsreptiles
6. Enterprise fieldsalgae/lichensponges
7. Status forestdeciduous treesmolluscs
8. Balance heathpalmsspiders
9. Emotion marshfernsfish
A. Expression desertvegetablesbirds
B. Idealism urbanfungijellyfish
C. Volition junglefruit treesstarfish
D. Humanism highlandliliesinsects
E. Morality open watergrasses & rushesamphibians
F. Synthesis mountainflowersmammals
Step Skill GroupMagic TypeMagic Description
0. Unknown necromancybeyond magic
1. Power athleticelementalenergy from beyond
2. Form perceptionalchemycommand of matter
3. Intellect scientificscryinginformation from existence
4. Experience medicalhealingcommunion with life
5. Image personalspirit-sendingseparation of self
6. Enterprise practicalsympathyenergy from connections
7. Status concentrationenchantmentcommand of people
8. Balance academicdruidisminformation from nature
9. Emotion animalweather-mongeringcommunion with nature
A. Expression subterfugeillusionconfusion of self
B. Idealism technicalhigh magicenergy from patterns
C. Volition combatdemonologycommand of demons
D. Humanism linguistictelepathyinformation from people
E. Morality socialclericismcommunion with gods
F. Synthesis survivalanimationcreation of self

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