Note: All of the following material is based on the GT rules.

Kenneth Witt's House Rules

Vehicle Maintenance
Making the rules match CT's technological assumptions, rather than vice versa.
Sensor Nets and Sensor Drones
Extending sensor capabilities using aperture synthesis and Long Baseline Interferometry.
Variant rules as originally posted on JTAS. Reproduced here with permission. For a shorter version, go straight to the streamlined ships page.


Standard Streamlined Ships
Standard ships redesigned to fit their jump capacity.
Aratura-class Escort Frigate deckplans
Rich Weissler, author of the JTAS article Aratura-class Escort Frigate, has kindly provided deckplans to accompany the article.

Hiver Ships
GT translations of Hiver ships described in Alien Module 7: Hivers.
Designed as part of my TML landgrab entry, a 400dT lighter built by the Prilissan shipyards.

Custom Weapons

Barbette Turrets and Weapons
Bridging the gap between turrets and bays.
Small Spinal Mounts
Bridging the gap between bay and full-sized spinal mount weapons.
Fixed Mount Weapons
Using bay weapons as spinal mounts, and fixed weapons on small craft.


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