Empress Marava-class 200-ton Far Trader (TL10)

Far Traders earn their name with their Jump-2 capability. With "longer legs" than the somewhat more common Free Trader, the Far Traders can service routes their brethren can't reach.

The increased jump and fuel requirements mean that cargo capacity and stateroom numbers must suffer, but in some areas no other vessel will do the job as well. A common practice is to hire a steward with some medical training in place of installing a sickbay, and to help insure the survival of low-berth passengers. As with the Free Trader, custom refittings are common.

The 48-point Ship Patron cost cited in T:FT, page 100, assumes an air/raft is carried, one turret is armed and the ship profit/upkeep arrangement evens out to zero points.

The original GT design is on p.T:135. Using the streamlining as a modifier to surface area allows an increase in the cargo capacity of 29 dtons for this design while maintaining overall performance.

Crew: 6 Total. Captain/pilot, astrogator, sensor/commo operator, steward, two engineers. 
   The steward should have Electronics Operation (Medical)-10+ if low passengers are carried.
   One of the crew doubles as air/raft pilot. 

Hull: 200-ton VGSL, Medium Frame, Standard Materials, Crystaliron (Expensive) Armored Hull (DR 100), 
    Standard Compartmentalization.

Control Areas: Basic Bridge (Complexity 7).

Communicator Range (mi) Radio Maser Laser Meson
Basic Bridge 50,000,000 0 100,000,000 0
Sensors Range/Rating (mi) Passive Active Radscanner
Basic Bridge 20,000/37 100,000/41 2,000/31

Engineering: Engineering (3.7 dtons[156.24 MW], 20 Continuous Life Support), 
   6 Jump Drive, 20 Thruster (1.09 / 2.60 Gs, 800 stons thrust), 
   40 Standard, Self-sealing Fuel Tank (Fire -2, Loaded with 40 stons), 
   Fuel Processor (5 hours to refine Standard, Self-sealing Fuel Tank), 
   Gravitic (450 stons Aerostatic Lift), 27.4 Man-Hours/day Maintenance.

Accommodations: 10 Stateroom, 4 Low Berth (16 Cryoberths).

Armaments: 2 Pop Turrets (3 dtons available per; DR100).

Stores: Spacedock (Air/raft), 78 Cargo Hold.

Statistics: EMass 307.23 stons, LMass 737.23 stons, Cost MCr32.56, HP 22,499, 
   Damage Threshold 2,250, Size Mod 8, HT 12, CP 67.

Performance: Jump-2 (2), sAcc L/E 1.09 / 2.60 Gs, Airspeed 2,001 mph, 
   Skimming Airspeed 5,657 mph, Aerostatic Lift 1,250 stons.

Sample Times : Orbit 0.21 Hrs, Escape Velocity 0.3 Hrs, 100D 6.13 Hrs, Earth-Mars 105.24 Hrs.

   All times are Earth Std, Full Load.
   100D and Earth-Mars assume mid-point turnover.
   Using Streamlining as a modifier to Surface Area.
   The Pop Turrets add nothing to Jump Tonnage for Jump Drive/Fuel calculations.

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